Bell Helmets Joy Ride Women’s MTB Ride at Lake James State Park

May 21, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Lake James State Park MTB Trails
1499 Rock Hill St
Nebo, NC 28761
Lauren Hutchins

The Bell Joy Rides are mountain bike rides for women looking for both camaraderie and a little challenge in a fun and supportive environment.

Our rides are pressure-free and worry-free. We make sure every rider is comfortable with the pace of the group and that no section of trail is beyond their ability level.

Our monthly Joy Rides are designed to suit all skill levels. The focus of our Joy Rides is simple: discover new places and make new connections while having fun on two wheels!

Event Schedule

  • 1:00 Sign In, introductions, break into groups
  • 1:15-3:00 Ride!

Riders are encouraged to stay and socialize with other lady riders. We will not have a cook-out after this ride, feel free to bring a camp chair and your favorite post-ride refreshment.

Riding Levels. The trails at Lake James are very beginner friendly. We will still break into groups but since there are no sections that require advanced technical skills, the intermediate and advanced groups will be split up based on pace. The intermediate group will do a moderate pace with rest breaks and the advanced group will do a quicker pace with less frequent rest breaks. New rider and beginner routes will be decided based on rider lists and experience.

  • New Rider: I’ve never ridden a mountain bike, but I’m ready to learn!
  • Beginner: I’m new to mtb, I kinda like it and want to ride more!
  • Intermediate: I’m comfortable on smooth green & blue trails. I want to improve my technical abilities on more challenging terrain. (this will be the moderate paced group for Lake James)
  • Advanced: I’m comfortable on most terrain (technical sections, some drops and jumps) but I want to challenge myself and ride more committing features. (this will be the faster paced group for Lake James)

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