Grandfather District Trail Rehab Underway

Mar 11, 2016 | News

We posted last summer that we were Getting Our Pisgah On, and we are excited to brag about all of the improvements to the mountain bike trails in the Grandfather District. Since this effort started there has been over 600 hours of volunteer work recorded by the Alliance and our trail partners. Work performed has included saw work/tree-clearing, vegetation trimming, drainage work and rock armoring. We have recently gotten new sawyers certified who attended a two-day training with the USFS. We have also put some time into working with the Grandfather District to plan for future work and funding opportunities. This planning has paid off with one project at Greentown complete, and another at Upper Wilson Ridge currently in progress. Terra Tek Trails has been doing some amazing work on these contracted projects. We are planning to keep the goods coming, so thanks for the support everyone!

Click thumbnails below for a close-up of some of the improvements, or see a whole gallery of Pisgah work here: GALLERY. Thanks to Mike Thomas, Scott Duncan, Paul Stahlschmidt, and Daren Wilz for photo contributions.

Other News

Grandfather District Approves the Mortimer Trails Project

Grandfather District Approves the Mortimer Trails Project

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