The Alliance and Lake James State Park Continue Successful Partnership

Apr 21, 2017 | News

New Rotation Schedule Announced, New Section Now Open

The Alliance is stoked to announce several new details for the MTB trails at Lake James State Park.

First, beginning May 1, 2017, the directional trail policies of the Wimba Loops will become quarterly, and on that date will change to a clockwise direction. Future rotations that follow will be in this order: July (CCW), October (CW), January (CCW), and April (CW).

Also, a new reroute of West Wimba is now open! This new section is an exciting addition that is now complete. It is a much easier climb and in the downhill direction (beginning May 1), riders will experience a LONGER downhill, complete with rollers and several bermed turns. This successful project follows several months of planning and collaboration with LJSP and Friends of Lake James State Park. This teamwork produced a project proposal, sustainable design, funding, and construction.

A reroute was needed for a few reasons, but mostly due to the steeper grade (highlighted below). Before the reroute, in the uphill direction, riders were frequently walking this section or finding alternate routes off of the main trail to get around it.

Elevation profile before reroute.

“The West Wimba reroute was a great opportunity for the Alliance, Friends of Lake James State Park and the park itself to work together to better the riding experience for the growing number of riders on the trails,” said Lake James State Park’s Andrew Carswell.

The Alliance will continue to work with the park staff to maintain the trail system as well as look to the future, including plans for more advanced trails.

The Alliance would like to particularly thank the following for their part in the new changes at Lake James State Park:

  • Nora Coffey and Andrew Carswell, Lake James State Park
  • Eric Loomis and Scott Duncan, Alliance LJSP Crew Leaders
  • Jim Horton, Trail Contractor, Horton Design
  • Friends of Lake James State Park

Head on over to Lake James State Park and experience the amazing trails!

Photo Gallery of the rerouted section:

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