Trail Volunteers Accumulate Impressive Hours

May 8, 2014 | Uncategorized

Since January, members of the Alliance and others from our community have recorded over 700 volunteer work hours! The chart below shows these hours and how they compare to other IMBA-SORBA Chapters who report their volunteer time.


Trailwork has taken place with maintenance days at W. Kerr Scott in Wilkes County and Rocky Knob in Watauga County, as well as NEW trail being built at Zacks Fork in Caldwell County. In addition to volunteer hours with boots on the ground, things are happening behind the scenes as well. We have been working closely with land managers drafting MOU’s and other volunteer agreements. Great job to EVERYONE working on creating and preserving the places we ride.

The following trail days are scheduled or will be determined in the very near future:

May 31 – Kerr Scott OVT Maintenance day. BMCC is covering the lunch!

Every Wednesday night – Zacks Fork Workdays. Another weekend work-party being planned.

May TBD – Saw Certification Course with USFS, Woodlawn

May 31-June 1 – Trail work at Doe Mountain with SORBA Tri-Cities

June 7 – Ribbon Cutting at Lake James on National Trails Day. More info forthcoming.

Please follow the Alliance Calendar to find a volunteer opportunity or an event near you.

See you on the trail!

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