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Kerr Scott Trails


Built along the contours of the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, North Carolina’s Kerr Scott Trails are known for flow. As one reviewer proclaimed, “It’s a roller coaster that’s free!”

The Kerr Scott trail system lies between the Brushy Mountains and the Blue Ridge in the Yadkin Valley, a very historic corridor that has previously served as a path for Daniel Boone, the Overmountain Men and plenty of moonshiners.

There are three main trail complexes: Dark Mountain, Overmountain Victory Trail (OVT), and Warrior Creek. All three have their own character, but ride any of them and it won’t take you long to figure out why the area has acquired the nickname that typifies its trail system: Wilkesbermo. Hundreds of bermed and banked turns await you!

Surf around the map below to read more about each area of Kerr Scott.

The trails close occasionally for bad weather. If the forecast looks sketchy, head to the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir Facebook page for the most current trail status.

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History & Background

The Alliance and Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club (BMCC) builds and maintains all of the trails at Kerr Scott. The relationship with the US Army Corps of Engineers is an amazing model of partnership. The MOU (est. in 2002) was the first of its kind in the country between a club and USACE. BMCC has built over 40 miles of trail at Kerr Scott since 2002. It all got started in that year with Dark Mountain, and was orchestrated by a visit from IMBA Trail Care Crew. Under the leadership and zeal of BMCC Trail Boss, Jim Horton, and thousands of volunteer hours, trail mileage continues to grow. Also growing is its significance as national destination for mountain biking. The trails hold three national designations: Dark Mountain was named a National Recreation Trail in 2005, The OVT has been a part of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail System since its completion in 2006, and the entire Kerr Scott Trails system was named an IMBA Epic in 2011.

Directions & Information

The Kerr Scott Visitors Assistance Center is the place for info. Here, you’ll find trail maps, camping and day-use information, and more. Public restrooms are available during the center hours: 8AM – 4:30PM (Note: closed on weekends in Winter, November through March).

Campgrounds at Kerr Scott are right next to trail crossings, so route planning can can include ride-in/ride-out options.

There is free parking at all trail locations, but fees may apply at the Warrior Creek Trail entrance lot since it is considered a day use area. Free Parking for Warrior is available at the back parking lot off of Boomer-Ferguson Road.

Map and Trailhead Coordinates: 36.130813, -81.227637

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